Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wrap That Wednesday: Funky Gift Wrapping Options

I'm still figuring out exactly what I want to do on Wednesday posts. Today I thought I would share a fantastic page I came across that I found particularly inspiring. I never really saw the appeal of Martha Stewart until recently. It wasn't anything personal, because the woman has some great ideas. I just never felt that click between my style of crafting and hers.

However, while on the hunt for magazines to subscribe to, I realized a lot of crafty people I admire on the internet have subscriptions to the Martha Stewart magazine. I haven't started buying in just yet, but the pictures are fairly beautiful and inspiring, so I am more inclined than ever before.

The above image can be found by clicking on the link below it. This particular image is my favorite from the slideshow I found. I adore the diverse styling, the pops of color, and the combinations of newspaper, maps, wrapping paper, beads, and string. Plus, it's in a foreign language (to me, at least), which means it holds more appeal.

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