Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 12/31/12-1/6/13

I received a few orders of books this week from Amazon. I didn't photograph the boxes, however, but I might show you some of the artwork on the covers in a future post. This week was horribly awful in terms of drama and family issues, so I was unable to get out the majority of the letters I have mostly finished in a pile on the table. They'll all head out next week!


A lovely letter from Desirae.

A package from Allison and a letter from Chelsea.


One outgoing letter to Sydney.

Also, I have some great news! After some incredible inspiration from a blog I discovered, I began to work on some creative resolutions for the new year. I decided to take several steps to improve The Not Quite Dying Art. I will have a content type for each day of the week, except Thursday. This means Friday through Wednesday will offer up individual posts ranging from mail art and mail love to organization and inspiration. Stay tuned! This all begins tomorrow!

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