Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 8/20/12-8/26/12

This week was a busy week, especially with school starting tomorrow!


A postcard from Robin! 

Two pen pal letters! =)

A swap package from a new pen pal and a lovely gift!

I received tons of mail this day. All but two were pen pal letters. The other two were stamps and a package! =)

Two sets of handmade envies from a swap.

Two new pen pals sent me letters. The last one is a gift from a friend.

A package from JoAnn's! All my scrapbooking paper stacks, glue dots, and some cardstock for writing notes on!


Three swap packages!

A pen pal letter.

A swap package. =)

Another swap package!

Yet another swap package, filled with vintage Scrabble tiles.

A letter to a new pen pal. =)

A letter to another new pen pal.

Two new pen pal letters, but the orange one had to be remade into the following photo:

Much nicer, huh?

Another attempt at mail art. I'm sensing a pattern here.

Two new pen pal responses.

Another pen pal response!

And yet another pen pal response!

Followed by one more letter.

And a package full of perler beads!

Then, last but not least, another swap package.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 8/13/12-8/19/12

Here's this week's mail! Not as large a variety as last week, but the fact that I was able to correspond with at least a few friends makes me happy! =)


Two pieces of mail from two of my pen pals.

A letter from my closest pen pal. =)

Two swap packages that came in. Kawaii and stamps!

Two more awesome pen pal letters! =)

A package I ordered from Etsy for my upcoming gaming convention/craft show. =) Filled with colorful baggies in red, pink, and black!


Suzanne likes these model envies.

Don't you love my new address labels?

A tag going out to Sherrie!

Three partners get three envies each. I tried to match by color and interest. Hopefully I'll get some hearts! =)

Last, but not least, two pen pal letters going out. I adore the one on the left! =)

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Envelopes!

These past few weeks I've been obsessed with making my own envelopes. I thought I'd let you all see some of the envies I've been working on. As you'll see, I managed to get my light box cleaned out for two of the photos (these are not shown in the order I took them in).

Coin-sized love-themed envies that I'll be selling for Valentine's Day 2013 with special gifts and inserts. Also available in a recycled comic book version for the geek at heart (which I personally enjoy more since I AM a geek at heart). =)

Magazine pages made into envelopes. That's about the number I made from a single magazine. I have roughly 30 magazines in a box in my craft room!

The newest envie I've been working on. I saw a picture and made my own template from the visual. I finally have a use for those brads I have lying around! And the scalloped punch I bought ages ago and used maybe twice. The baker's twine came with a bunch of tags I purchased from Etsy. The shop owner wraps her business cards with the twine and packages them with every order of tags. I never used this stuff before, and I'm extremely glad to have a reason to use it now!

Last, but not least, I have these cardstock envies. They're from a template I discovered in my envelope box that I'd always thought was glued. Glad to have found it! =)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 8/6/12-8/12/12

Hi everyone! Here are the photos of all the mail I've received and sent this week. Sorry about the mostly horrible coloring. It was overcast almost all week so I had to rely on bad lighting in the dining room since my light box was filled with scrapbooking supplies. Next week's will be much better!


Two packages! One from JoAnn's, one from a Swap-Bot pal.

A lovely letter from June, my friend who is helping me with the documentary. =)

Three letters from Swap-Bot tags.

Three small RAK packages.

An Etsy package! Look below for the goodies that came inside. =)

WASHI TAPE! =D My first ever supply of it!

Two letters from my new pen pals, Denise and Melody. =)

Another Etsy package, full of cute deco tape rolls!

The last package of the week, full of new addy labels. Three different kinds of labels, ready for swaps, tags, RAK, and snail mail! =)


Two letters going to my brother and his girlfriend at their new apartment. Nabila LOVES purple, so I found purple glitter scrapbooking paper and made an envie from it, wrapping it in a clear envie I made to keep it safe from damage.  

A letter going to someone who requested one from the blog, and a letter going to June. =)

In exchange for the lovely selection of stamps I received from Florence, I had to make a mail art envie. So here it is! The front, anyway.

And the back of the mail art envie.

One of last letters of the week, heading to my new pen pal, Shayla.

Two more letters going out to two of my new pen pals.