Monday, August 13, 2012

New Envelopes!

These past few weeks I've been obsessed with making my own envelopes. I thought I'd let you all see some of the envies I've been working on. As you'll see, I managed to get my light box cleaned out for two of the photos (these are not shown in the order I took them in).

Coin-sized love-themed envies that I'll be selling for Valentine's Day 2013 with special gifts and inserts. Also available in a recycled comic book version for the geek at heart (which I personally enjoy more since I AM a geek at heart). =)

Magazine pages made into envelopes. That's about the number I made from a single magazine. I have roughly 30 magazines in a box in my craft room!

The newest envie I've been working on. I saw a picture and made my own template from the visual. I finally have a use for those brads I have lying around! And the scalloped punch I bought ages ago and used maybe twice. The baker's twine came with a bunch of tags I purchased from Etsy. The shop owner wraps her business cards with the twine and packages them with every order of tags. I never used this stuff before, and I'm extremely glad to have a reason to use it now!

Last, but not least, I have these cardstock envies. They're from a template I discovered in my envelope box that I'd always thought was glued. Glad to have found it! =)

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