Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Copy Cat Philosophy

I've been seeing all these blogs lately about pen-pallers who post about mail they receive and send, projects they're working on that are snail mail related, and each post provides photos that show off the wonderful artwork of the envelopes. Sometimes there are tutorials. Other times there are hilarious stories explaining how each blogger keeps track of their mailbox goodies, their methods of organizing, and their unique spaces for writing letters.

I want to take part in this. I think it would help the documentary project tremendously! So what I'm doing is adding a form for you guys and gals to enter your information into so I can send you a letter. Look to the left sidebar and you'll see a page titled "Want Mail? Make Your Mailbox Happy!". Click that page and fill out the form. Then wait for a surprise to enter your mailbox!

Also, some of you may notice the snail image is no long at the top of the blog. I discovered that it caused many people to think the blog was blank due to the large size of the photo, so I exchanged it for a smaller photo.

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