Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 9/3/12-9/30/12

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long delay in posting. School, work, death in the family, and illness have kept me from blogging my mail. So here is a quick post of the condensed last few weeks. I apologize if you sent me a letter and it's not showing up here. I will try to take photos and add those in at a later date.


Lots of letters, including one from a great inspiration, Anna Lorton! She's the one who gave me the idea to create a form for random people to request a letter. =)

A birthday present from Naiche! And two letters from friends!

A package from Melody, my buddy from Swap-Bot. =)

An epic birthday present from Svetlana! =)


Think this is a lot of mail? You're right. I was sidetracked and there are still more envelopes waiting to be filled with letters!

Can I just say how much I really want the glasses shown here? No? Okay.

I'm going to try and stay on track once again with the photos and updates and whatnot. Take care everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 8/27/12-9/2/12


Two pen pal letters and a letter full of used stamps. 

Two cute packages. =)

An awesome envie from my newest pen pal, Naiche!

An incredible early birthday present from Karen. Thank, Karen! =)

A swap package!

A package, a box full of coupon cards for my business, and a letter from Charmaine. =)

Three adorable packages! Two are from friends, and the third is from Square.

Another package, but this one is from Etsy!

A pen pal letter from Moira! =)

A package from Lisandra and two pen pal letters!


Two pen pal letters in handmade envies.

Two handmade envies going to Carolina and Svetlana! =)

A letter headed to Charmaine.

Naiche's letter, asking her to do her happy dance once it arrives. =)

Four letters I wrote, two of which are headed to blog friends!

And lastly, a thank you and two letters headed out to folks from the Make Your Mailbox Happy page!