Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 8/27/12-9/2/12


Two pen pal letters and a letter full of used stamps. 

Two cute packages. =)

An awesome envie from my newest pen pal, Naiche!

An incredible early birthday present from Karen. Thank, Karen! =)

A swap package!

A package, a box full of coupon cards for my business, and a letter from Charmaine. =)

Three adorable packages! Two are from friends, and the third is from Square.

Another package, but this one is from Etsy!

A pen pal letter from Moira! =)

A package from Lisandra and two pen pal letters!


Two pen pal letters in handmade envies.

Two handmade envies going to Carolina and Svetlana! =)

A letter headed to Charmaine.

Naiche's letter, asking her to do her happy dance once it arrives. =)

Four letters I wrote, two of which are headed to blog friends!

And lastly, a thank you and two letters headed out to folks from the Make Your Mailbox Happy page!


  1. Wow, you surely got lots of mail! I love the magazine-made envelopes. :)

    1. Thank you! =) I have piles of magazines and I would rather do something crafty with them so they don't just end up in a recycling bin, you know?

  2. You have an address showing. Second photos from the top.

  3. Thank you for sharing all your mail love! I have missed Swap-bot this year, not having been on since Feb or March. The months have just flown by! However, I have been missing my friends and the mail love I used to get, so I think I'll find a moment to sign back on. I am checking out your blog via Swap-bot's blog telling about your Pen Pal documentary you were working on. Are you still working on it, or is it finished? :)

    1. Hi! Welcome back to the swapping world! Kudos to you for wanting to make your mailbox happy. =) I am still working on this documentary. It is currently in the planning/pre-production stage. I will post updates as things happen. =)