Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 2/18/13-2/24/13


An Etsy package and a letter from Mary.


A letter going Winslow's way! =)

One letter each for Mary, Suzanne, and Sydney!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Organize It Tuesday: Chalkboard Organization

I don't know about you, but I adore chalkboards, especially the modern DIY tutorials for chalkboard paint in any color. As a crafter, I am always on the lookout for ways to organize my supplies. As a vendor, I am always on the lookout for ways to label my displayed wares.

Chalk seems to be "making a comeback" as many will say. Personally, I just like chalk. Sidewalk chalk is my favorite.

Pick Your Plum is a site I adore. They have wonderful discounted deals on supplies and products for everything. Yesterday, I had been searching Etsy, eBay, and Amazon for wooden chalkboard tags attached to clothespins. I received Pick Your Plum's e-mail saying they had just that as their daily product! So I ordered 18 label tags.

Aren't these just darling? I'm in love. I plan to use these to label my displays at upcoming conventions and craft shows. I need some new baskets for all my stationery sets, however. 

I found this tutorial for making your own chalkboard signs attached to a clothespin. I never thought to use something other than a standard business card sized piece of wood. I will definitely be on the hunt for some wooden shapes! Perhaps penguins, or cupcakes?

So what can you use these for? Here is a list.
  • Craft show and convention pricing display
  • Labels for your craft room supplies
  • Household organization (jewelry, kitchen pantry, laundry room, closet)
  • Food trays at parties
Happy organizing!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 2/11/13-2/17/13


A lovely variety of letters from Theresa, Charmaine, and Denise! =)

A cute letter from Miri.

Letters from Suzanne, Sydney, Svetlana, and Winslow! =)


A bunch of letters heading out to Denise, Charmaine, Theresa, Chelsea, and Dena. =)

A letter heading to Miri.

A letter heading to Michele.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Shop Feature Friday: wishywashitape

Today features wishywashitape, another washi tape shop on Etsy filled with a wide variety of options and deals. I warned you all. My obsession with washi tape is reaching a ridiculous level. Luckily for me, there are a handful of fabulous sellers on Etsy with beautiful products and professional packaging.

DISCLAIMER: All images included in this post belong to wishywashitape.

I recently purchased fourteen rolls of washi tape from this shop. The prices were wonderfully reasonable, and the pictures stole my heart.

Look at the options available in the above picture! That packaging is so precious. Below, you'll find four sets of washi tape. Small rolls with lots of length, color, and character. I ordered the last one.

Some of these photos just made me ache for the package. I mean, really? Look at how epic the following picture is.

Once the package arrived, I found the rolls wrapped in paper and washi tape strips. I received a splendidly cute magnet from the shop, roughly the size of a business card, and it's on my fridge. I refuse to use it. It will be decoration because it's so darn adorable!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Organize It Tuesday: Washi Tape Organizers

I apologize for the delays these past few weeks. School and work have kept me on my toes.

Today's post has to do with washi tape organizers! I will cover three main options for you. I use two of them.

Option One: 
Washi Tape Dispensers

Look familiar? It should! I featured this adorable penguin washi tape dispenser from mechakucha808. It holds roughly eight rolls of washi tape. I want to order it because of the cuteness. Someday I will.

This washi tape dispenser is made by We R Memory Keepers. I ordered this last week from Amazon. Be warned! It looks larger in the photo. It is actually quite compact so it is perfect for small desk space. It features a lazy susan style bottom with room for 30 "standard" rolls of washi tape. I could only fit 22 onto mine. I don't believe I have rolls of washi tape that aren't standard, but I only buy them to use them, not because I care about the width. I'll leave that to the sellers.

Mind you, this isn't even my whole collection of washi tape. I would buy a second dispenser but even then I would need a third to accomodate my growing collection.

Plus, there's no real room for my small spools of washi tape, or the rolls of washi tape with a significantly smaller core. This brings us to option two.

Option Two: 
Scrapbooking Containers & Baggies

I use scrapbooking containers for so many things. I own three containers of varying sizes. My largest container holds all the washi tape that doesn't fit on my dispenser.

If you look in the background, you can see the other two scrapbook containers on top of a white shipping box. I use the bottom to store all my papers and cardstock, and the top to store all my envelopes for upcoming projects.

These are the baggies I use to hold all my leftover washi tape. As you can see, it's a mess. The dispensers will help with that.
This is a container you can buy from JoAnn's. It isn't the one I purchased recently, but it certainly works. A quick search in the storage section will help you find what you're looking for.

Option Three:
Scotch Tape Dispensers

I found a lovely tutorial somewhere online that explains how to turn an old disposable Scotch tape dispenser into a washi tape dispenser. If you're interested, here it is. I personally like the following option a little better because it means I get to paint things!

This page has the basic tutorial for turning Dollar Tree tape dispensers into beautiful washi tape dispensers.

As you can see, they are your standard black dispensers to begin with. Then they become gorgeous pastel shades to offset the bright washi tape.

Obviously, I'd go broke if I bought one dispenser and all the necessary supplies for each roll of washi tape I owned. Perhaps I'll just go make a few, then, and keep one roll of red, one roll of black, and one roll of pink or white for my business. Or, coordinate colors for my dream craft room! Paint one white, one purple, and one grey, and then mix up the shades of white, purple, and grey washi tape I own for a nice contrast.

Happy organizing!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Must Have Monday: Labels Part One

I have this problem where I cannot stay with any one design for too long. I suppose it ties in with the fact that inspiration is never consistent, and like trends, it always changes. I might be inspired by one object or design, and if I don't write it down but walk away and come back to it, I might find I have a different idea from the same pattern.

So, that brings us to today's topic of discussion. I want to talk about labels. I am personally quite fond of Avery labels because the site offers a template for all their products, and it is extremely simple to use. Just find a design from their selection or your own, add some text, and print. You can make vertical labels or regular horizontal labels. Either way, they make it so simple, anyone can do it who is strapped for time, or just wants an easy way to get some labels.

I love to shop at PaperDozen for a variety of reasons. From fabulous customer service to wonderful products, the overall experience is so memorable. These labels are perfect for adding a touch of lovely to your mail. Aside from being cute and sturdy, they have glitter. Enough said.

I discovered these adorable labels on Charlotte's Fancy. They were apparently a feature. I find them perfect for my love of cuteness and mail.

I am somewhat in love with wrap labels. I don't know where I first saw them, but they are fascinating. This particular one is beautifully designed and can be used in so many ways.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 2/4/13-2/10/13


A slew of wonderful packages and letters! :)


A package going to Merissa! =)

Another package heading to an Etsy customer!

A letter for Mia! =)

A letter for Michele.

A letter for Mary! =)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shop Feature Friday: mechakucha808

Today features mechakucha808, a cute little shop on Etsy run by the incredibly sweet Nancy Reames. I cannot begin to explain how obsessed I have become with washi tape (yes, still) and there are so many varieties of tape, it's ridiculously wonderful.

DISCLAIMER: All images included in this post belong to mechakucha808.

I ordered from mechakucha808 this past week. I purchased so many rolls of washi tape, I won't even begin to show them all to you. The following is one set I had my eye on for a bit. I had to stare at the picture for a while first, though. I love that color combination!

I bought seven different full rolls of tape. Seven. The selection is so vast and so reasonably priced that I just could not resist. The packages of washi tape arrived sealed in plastic with adorable stickers to hold it all together.

Also sold in this shop are washi tape dispensers and storage units. I can't decide between the above image and the below image.

I think I'm just going to buy both once I get my next paycheck. The colors match my dream craft room color scheme, and I'd be supporting an Etsy seller. Win win situation, if you ask me.

Just another item sold in the shop. These are some really sweet decorated clothespins! I considered ordering these, as well!

Okay, so I kind of came back and ordered another ten rolls of washi tape after I received the first order. I'm not even joking. The packaging was so perfect. Aside from being individually wrapped, the rolls of tape came in a sturdy small cardboard box decorated with colorful packing tape. Inside, I found all the rolls of tape kept secure with shredded kraft paper. 

The perfect finishing touch was the gift included. A small green glass geisha charm! It was so beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and buy yourself some goodies!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 1/28/13-2/3/13

I apologize for the delay in posting this week. Things got hectic very quickly. I promise to do better in the future.


Three letters! One each from Allison, Mia, and Sydney.

Two letters! One from Merissa and one from Michele! =)

A letter from Mary!


Letters heading to Suzanne and Miri.

Letters going to Theresa, Delaney, and Desirae. =)

Letters heading to Sydney and Allison!