Friday, February 15, 2013

Shop Feature Friday: wishywashitape

Today features wishywashitape, another washi tape shop on Etsy filled with a wide variety of options and deals. I warned you all. My obsession with washi tape is reaching a ridiculous level. Luckily for me, there are a handful of fabulous sellers on Etsy with beautiful products and professional packaging.

DISCLAIMER: All images included in this post belong to wishywashitape.

I recently purchased fourteen rolls of washi tape from this shop. The prices were wonderfully reasonable, and the pictures stole my heart.

Look at the options available in the above picture! That packaging is so precious. Below, you'll find four sets of washi tape. Small rolls with lots of length, color, and character. I ordered the last one.

Some of these photos just made me ache for the package. I mean, really? Look at how epic the following picture is.

Once the package arrived, I found the rolls wrapped in paper and washi tape strips. I received a splendidly cute magnet from the shop, roughly the size of a business card, and it's on my fridge. I refuse to use it. It will be decoration because it's so darn adorable!

Happy shopping!

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