Monday, February 11, 2013

Must Have Monday: Labels Part One

I have this problem where I cannot stay with any one design for too long. I suppose it ties in with the fact that inspiration is never consistent, and like trends, it always changes. I might be inspired by one object or design, and if I don't write it down but walk away and come back to it, I might find I have a different idea from the same pattern.

So, that brings us to today's topic of discussion. I want to talk about labels. I am personally quite fond of Avery labels because the site offers a template for all their products, and it is extremely simple to use. Just find a design from their selection or your own, add some text, and print. You can make vertical labels or regular horizontal labels. Either way, they make it so simple, anyone can do it who is strapped for time, or just wants an easy way to get some labels.

I love to shop at PaperDozen for a variety of reasons. From fabulous customer service to wonderful products, the overall experience is so memorable. These labels are perfect for adding a touch of lovely to your mail. Aside from being cute and sturdy, they have glitter. Enough said.

I discovered these adorable labels on Charlotte's Fancy. They were apparently a feature. I find them perfect for my love of cuteness and mail.

I am somewhat in love with wrap labels. I don't know where I first saw them, but they are fascinating. This particular one is beautifully designed and can be used in so many ways.

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