Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 10/22/12-10/28/12

Sorry for the delay, and the photos no really showing off the cool aspects of each envelope. I promise once I get some more time, I will take the time to photograph mail as it arrives, rather than all at once.


A package from Etsy, a thank you card in response to my thank you note, and three pen pal letters. =)


All this lovely mail is going out! Yay for new address labels with owls! =)

I'm hoping whatever funk the USPS is in will fix itself sooner than later. I strongly dislike this whole "empty mailbox" thing that normal people deal with. I am by no means normal.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 10/15/12-10/21/12

This week was better in terms of incoming and outgoing mail. I was very happy to see my mailbox getting full towards the end of the week. I'm still waiting on some packages from Etsy. I hope they arrive this upcoming week.


A bunch of cute envelopes, and a postcard! I am especially in love with the colors this week. It seems everyone wanted to send some happy colors. =)


I miscounted for a moment and thought, "I don't remember writing six letters today..." 

I'm off to make some more envelopes! I hope everyone has a wonderful mail-happy week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

In Response...Organization

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to respond to Svetlana's comments to one of my previous posts. The first thing Svetlana asked:

Are you going to use a index card box to store your cards with some dividers for dividing the first letter of the pen-pal's last name? Or are you going to use mini folders and store them in a box?

To be honest, I had no idea how I was going to store the cards. I assumed I would just put them in a binder, but some great suggestions came up. I could get a little recipe box or index card box to store the cards in. I know there are some amazing decoupaged boxes on Etsy, and what better way to individualize my storage than to order a handmade Etsy product? With owls. Yes, owls. Or smiling cupcakes.

But I digress.

I alphabetized my binder, so I don't see the harm in doing the same with my little box. And, speaking of boxes, I need some photo boxes! I will have to go to the store this week to buy some as I'm running out of space for my incoming letters! The boxes I own are overflowing!

My pen pal is going to have a design up tonight, so I'll be printing these cards out and sending out my letters by Tuesday.

The next question Svetlana asked:

Also, how do you keep track of who you have sent to and who you are waiting for a response from?

While searching for pen pals, I came across a wonderful way to organize my mail on Julie's blog, Pen Pal of the Week. I use two woven aqua-colored baskets I purchased at the Dollar Tree down the street. The one on the left is for unopened mail or mail I have read but not responded to. The one on the right is for letters I have responded to, and letters I have to send out. Once I respond, seal the envelope, and put it in the mailbox, I place the letter I received in a photo box on my bookcase.

I realize this does not really answer the question, but I will go into more detail with what I am planning on doing in the future.

Because I have no set way of telling who I am waiting on a response from, I will be creating a log book of sorts. Most likely I will build one on Excel. The general idea is to keep track of what is coming in, what is going out, and what I'm waiting on. I have a horrible memory because I get busy.

So the way I'm picturing this working out is that I'll make a basic template on Excel. Within the template I will have a column stating the name of the person I received a letter or package from. To the right, I will list the date it arrived. Beside that, I could put down the date I responded, maybe add a little note regarding some information about the contents of the letter, and then finally, the date I sent out the letter.

This would result in roughly four to five columns. I could add more, such as the length of the letter or if gifts were included, and what they were. Maybe even if I sent a gift, what I sent could be listed in a column, too.

I am thinking I could color block the person's name the last time it showed up, and remove the color once I receive their next letter. This way I can keep track of everything without the bulk of an extra column or even post-it notes. Then, once I go through the process of writing my letter, filling in the remaining columns, and sending out my letter, I can color block the latest name, and the pattern continues.

Now that I've written this, it sounds like a good idea. I'm off to make my template!

Remember, ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. Take care!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 10/8/12-10/14/12


An envelope that was even more lovely on the inside. I am in love with Sarah's handwriting! We're sharing a table at a crafting convention. =)

Three wonderful packages, and there are more to come!

No outgoing mail this week. I didn't receive any letters. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

In Response...

Hi everyone! I am posting today as a response to Svetlana's comment from several posts ago:

It would be nice to see Anna's idea...

As a recap of that post, Anna Lorton, author of The Lettering, sent me an adorable letter (of package status because of all the goodies inside). This inspired me to spread a different kind of mail love, namely that of little presents catered to the interests of the people I am corresponding with. I invested in some Etsy artisan creations, and will move along to supplies of my own in a bit.

Some quick, horrible quality images of the goodies I just bought from Etsians this past week!

A variety of custom stickers in many shapes, designs, and sizes.

Itty bitty paper baggies for storing goodies!

More incredibly cute stickers in a wide selection of designs, colors, prints, sizes, and shapes.

I know they're adorable, and that's why I will be going back and ordering from the Etsy shops in the future. 

The next part has no photos because I have yet to design something. I mentioned in a previous post that I collect information about my pen pals and store said information (addresses, names, e-mail addresses, usernames from writing sites, etc.) in a binder. 

The step that will make this revamping of snail mail love successful is the part where I print out fancy cards to send with each letter. These cards will contain specific questions that will help me keep track of all the interesting things my pen pals love. I expect my pen pals to fill out one of the cards, which I will send them, and return it with their next letter. I will also send a card catered to my interests for them to keep. This way I can use the cards to pick up quick little gifts for them if I am out shopping, or I can make quick little gifts if I find myself reorganizing my craft room (and believe me, this happens more often than necessary).

I am so excited to start sending out more mail love!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 10/1/12-10/7/12


All the letters! Just kidding. These were really awesome letters. =)


Letters going out to some of my closest pen pals.

Another close pen pal shall do the happy dance once she receives this in her mailbox. =)

A bunch of letters heading out, one of which is going to Winslow, the pen pal I've known the longest time!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Making Some Adjustments & A Question For You!

Hi everyone! After receiving an incredible "letter" (it was the size of a letter but was full of so many goodies, it deserves package status!) from Anna Lorton, I have decided to follow her snail mail loveliness and start a new filing system for my pen pals. It will include the binder I originally had with addresses, names, and sometimes e-mail addresses and/or usernames. I will add to it a little card I will be sending out that includes some other details.

So! If you're a pen pal of mine, and you send me your next letter, my next response to you will have one of these cards in it. This will help me really keep track of what my pen pals like so I can cater presents to their interests.

Now! My question for you is the following: what do you do to keep track of your pen-palling materials (papers, addresses, pens, stickers, labels, etc.), and how do you organize everything for pen-palling?

Answer here or send an e-mail to with "Pen-Palling Material Organization" as the subject.

There will be a follow-up question posted probably next week.

Take care, everyone!