Saturday, October 6, 2012

Making Some Adjustments & A Question For You!

Hi everyone! After receiving an incredible "letter" (it was the size of a letter but was full of so many goodies, it deserves package status!) from Anna Lorton, I have decided to follow her snail mail loveliness and start a new filing system for my pen pals. It will include the binder I originally had with addresses, names, and sometimes e-mail addresses and/or usernames. I will add to it a little card I will be sending out that includes some other details.

So! If you're a pen pal of mine, and you send me your next letter, my next response to you will have one of these cards in it. This will help me really keep track of what my pen pals like so I can cater presents to their interests.

Now! My question for you is the following: what do you do to keep track of your pen-palling materials (papers, addresses, pens, stickers, labels, etc.), and how do you organize everything for pen-palling?

Answer here or send an e-mail to with "Pen-Palling Material Organization" as the subject.

There will be a follow-up question posted probably next week.

Take care, everyone!

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