Friday, October 12, 2012

In Response...

Hi everyone! I am posting today as a response to Svetlana's comment from several posts ago:

It would be nice to see Anna's idea...

As a recap of that post, Anna Lorton, author of The Lettering, sent me an adorable letter (of package status because of all the goodies inside). This inspired me to spread a different kind of mail love, namely that of little presents catered to the interests of the people I am corresponding with. I invested in some Etsy artisan creations, and will move along to supplies of my own in a bit.

Some quick, horrible quality images of the goodies I just bought from Etsians this past week!

A variety of custom stickers in many shapes, designs, and sizes.

Itty bitty paper baggies for storing goodies!

More incredibly cute stickers in a wide selection of designs, colors, prints, sizes, and shapes.

I know they're adorable, and that's why I will be going back and ordering from the Etsy shops in the future. 

The next part has no photos because I have yet to design something. I mentioned in a previous post that I collect information about my pen pals and store said information (addresses, names, e-mail addresses, usernames from writing sites, etc.) in a binder. 

The step that will make this revamping of snail mail love successful is the part where I print out fancy cards to send with each letter. These cards will contain specific questions that will help me keep track of all the interesting things my pen pals love. I expect my pen pals to fill out one of the cards, which I will send them, and return it with their next letter. I will also send a card catered to my interests for them to keep. This way I can use the cards to pick up quick little gifts for them if I am out shopping, or I can make quick little gifts if I find myself reorganizing my craft room (and believe me, this happens more often than necessary).

I am so excited to start sending out more mail love!


  1. Are you going to use a index card box to store your cards with some dividers for dividing the first letter of the pen-pal's last name? Or are you going to use mini folders and store them in a box? But still, it's a better idea then just storing the basic information of your pen-pals in a binder. It's smaller and it doesn't take up that much space.

  2. Also, how do you keep track of who you have sent to and who you are waiting for a response from?