Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 9/3/12-9/30/12

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long delay in posting. School, work, death in the family, and illness have kept me from blogging my mail. So here is a quick post of the condensed last few weeks. I apologize if you sent me a letter and it's not showing up here. I will try to take photos and add those in at a later date.


Lots of letters, including one from a great inspiration, Anna Lorton! She's the one who gave me the idea to create a form for random people to request a letter. =)

A birthday present from Naiche! And two letters from friends!

A package from Melody, my buddy from Swap-Bot. =)

An epic birthday present from Svetlana! =)


Think this is a lot of mail? You're right. I was sidetracked and there are still more envelopes waiting to be filled with letters!

Can I just say how much I really want the glasses shown here? No? Okay.

I'm going to try and stay on track once again with the photos and updates and whatnot. Take care everyone!

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