Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stick It Up Saturday: Starting Inspiration

I think I figured out what I want to do for Saturday posts. I will admit, I scrambled to put today's post together because I haven't yet gotten any subscriptions. Anyone have any recommendations for craft, home decor, indie, or fashion magazines I should subscribe to?

Anyway, onward!

It is safe to say we all have our moments of inspiration. Whether it be from things we see or things we remember, inspiration is everywhere. I decided to take a photo of the following items.

These items are bits and pieces of my recent inspiration. They sparked my New Year's resolution to be more creative.

So here is a list of what is in this photo:

  • Purple tabbed filing folder.
  • Rainbow unicorn glove.
  • Hello Cupcake stationery.
  • Scotch Expressions tape.
  • Pen pal information card from Anna.
  • Snail mail glass necklace.
  • Dried rose petals.
  • Inked napkin.
  • The back of a hand-carved rubber stamp from my friend.
  • Dangling pompom.
  • Black ink pad.
  • Glitter tissue paper.
  • Mustache pendant necklace.
  • Dollar Tree shopping list paper pad.
  • A recently purchased book called The Jelly Bean Crisis.

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