Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Goodies We Find

I was at T.J. Maxx the other day with my mom, getting some last minute Christmas shopping done, when I stumbled upon the connected HomeGoods section near the check-out lane. In cardboard boxes, spaced out every five feet, stood upright tubes of wrapping paper in all different patterns and colors. We're talking dozens of treasures. Being that I am an exceptionally awful hoarder of crafting supplies, I simply could not resist.

Snail Mail; Birds; Houndstooth; Metallic Snakeskin.

I've been on a blue kick recently, so when I discovered three rolls of various shades of blue, I was quite content. To make the day even better, I found, in the very last box, one roll of wrapping paper that had a snail mail letter pattern! So I snatched that right up. It's covered in hand-writing, stamps, and post card signs. WIN.

Now, what to do with these? I considered making envelopes from them, but a part of me is very interested in keeping them until I move to a new apartment in another city for grad school. Home decorating is another passion of mine! What I'd actually do is unknown at this moment in time.

So, any suggestions? =)

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