Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday to Sunday Haul: 11/26/12-12/2/12

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I apologize for the quality and backwardness of these photos. I'm still working on cleaning up my craft room after the flood. I had to rush some of these photos in before sending the packages off since a few days this past week were late night school days.


Naiche always sends me the most interesting envelopes. She puts in so much effort in designing them and filling them with joy. I need to start making mail art like she does. =)

A postcard from Miri, my NaNoWriMo pen pal! I can't believe it's over, Miri!

A letter from Carolina and Theresa. Nice, bright, colorful envelopes make me quite happy! Erm, well, ANY mail love I receive from my pen pals makes me quite happy, but color tends to help. 

Package one of many from Etsy! =)

Two more packages from Etsy!

One more from Etsy.

Two more from Etsy. Oooo I am so excited! =)

Three more packages from Etsy! This is going to be a splendid holiday.

Another Etsy package.

Bet you thought I was going to say another Etsy package, huh? Nope! A pen pal letter!

And the last Etsy package of the week. =)


I have hot pink bubble mailers and vertical cupcake address labels. Go ahead. Be jealous. 

Three outgoing letters with goodies! =)

For those of you who are my pen pals, you should expect something coming your way this holiday season. Some of you will get an unpcycled magazine envelope with your letter and a goodie. Others will receive one of these bubble mailers. 

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