Friday, January 20, 2012

Request Time: Part One!

Hello to all you guys and gals out there! It's time for me to ask a favor of you. I decided I would make some sort of collage from stamps that have been used already. I'll create the title of the documentary in stamps, and take some nice photos and upload them. I currently have very few stamps, so my request to all of you is to take those stamps that you have from letters, junk mail, and the likes, and to send them to me, please! They can be worldwide or USA or whatever, so long as they're used.

You can send them to the following place:

Alyssa Ricigliano
460 Franklin St.
Buffalo, NY 14202

As incentive, I will send a small surprise to someone at random, using a random generator on the internet, for every group of five people who send me stamps. So be sure to include your e-mail address and a list of five things you like (can be colors, animals, things you collect such as stickers, stationery, Hello Kitty, pins...) so that I can e-mail you if you've won. The drawings will continue until I've received enough stamps.

My goal is to get about 400 to 500 stamps at the very least.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I bought a bag of cancelled international postage at the Postal Museum in Washington DC. it was very reasonably priced and they also offer cancelled us postage by the bag. If you have any friends who live near D.C. send them over there to buy you a bag!

    1. Ooo, that's wonderful news! I will see if one of my friends who visits D.C. regularly will stop by and pick up a bag for me! =) Thank you!